Transactions Information

The registry system guarantees the exact accounting of the transactions by virtue of the Emissions Trading System, the Kyoto Protocol and Decision No. 406/2009/EC.

"transaction" is any process carried out on the registry system, which includes the transfer of emission allowances, Kyoto units, units from the annual allocation of emissions (or a part of the authorised credits) from one account to another.

"Internal" transfers of units are those where the origin registry and target registry are the same and "external" are those where the registry is different. Therefore, any transfer made between an account held in the Kyoto National Registry (ES accounts) and an account held in the Spanish Section of the Union Registry (EU accounts) would be considered an external transfer. Transfers within the Union Registry are internal transfers, regardless of whether the accounts are held in sections administered by different States.

Furthermore, we can distinguish between ordinary and special transfers. Therefore, the surrender of allowances, the exchange of international credits and the cancellation of allowances are considered special transfers.

We kindly ask you to pause in reading all the recommendations and caveats that are included in the documents attached to the tables included in this section.

Time windows (pdf) Ordinary and Special Transfers (pdf)  
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